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We are a service-production company, which specializes in consulting, design, installation and service. We are engaged in electronics, electrics, lubricants and related informatic technologies. Area of operation covers Central and Eastern Europe, and also English-speaking World regions, where we provide services through e-mail and telephone.

Company activity is focused on:

PROXELON provides wide range of consulting services, designing and maintenance. Our main task is sales technical support and helping in atypical situations, breakdowns and similar which may occur during exploitation at all stages. Our particular attention is focused on making special databases which improves lubricants managing in Customer's facility.

Our consulting services are directed mainly to oil distributors, big sellers of lubricants and repair services. We provide expert advices relating to the lubricants selection and replacement, reduces the burden on commercial activity from the time-consuming activities. With our technical support Customers can face more difficult contracts by which expand its market and will have greater number of satisfied customers. Using of the professional services provided by our company significantly affects the reduction of operating costs.

„We serve our knowledge and experience while continually deepening them.”

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