PROXELON cooperates with many research centers and laboratories specializing in the physicochemical and exploitational analyses of lubricants. Range of available analyses is very wide and adapted to our Customers individual needs.

We are making physicochemical analyses, operational research and also specific tests required in an emergency.

PROXELON also conducts its own research, the results of which are then made available to interested parties in the form of know-how or relevant patents. Currently, we work in the following areas:

Project e-Kinetic is focused on determining the kinetic of the equilibrium reaction and determining that equilibrium point is reached. The main area of application is the transestrification (methanolysis) of vegetable and animal fats in the manufacture of bio-components. Precise determining that equilibrium point is reached can reduce energy consumption and ensure maximum utilization of resources. The project was completed on a laboratory scale. It is currently being prepared for the implementation of the production system.
We would like to establish cooperation with the operators of installations for the production of bio-components (bioesthers) for further evaluation work on this project.

Project SFC is to determinate the advisability of entering a constant magnetic field to the power inductors in power control systems. The project is a cognitive and checking purpose.

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